Mad Men


I recently caught up with the rest of America and started watching Mad Men.  I’m currently towards the end of season 2 and still not sure why exactly I like the show.  It is really baffling to me; I like the show, but I couldn’t tell you why.


Commissioned Piece


Vulcan Halloween

I’m going as a Vulcan this Halloween, so here’s a quick drawing of my costume.

I’m a Total Geek

Okay so I don’t have any new art at the moment.  I have a few things in the works, I promise.  That said I’m going to take a moment to advertise the geek that I am.  This was a great week for mail, because many wonderful packages arrived for me.  A) I received my Star Trek Science Engineer uniform shirt.  I’m still waiting on my vulcan ears, but I’m almost all set with my costume.  B) I got a copy of Cover Run: The DC Comic Art of Adam Hughes. I love AH’s work, even if the ratio of scantily clad men is extremely low in comparison to the ladies.  It’s a great book and I was lucky enough to get one.  The first printing sold out within a week and I was worried I would never get a copy, however low and behold the day I get an amazon gift card they’re in stock.

I also just ordered a Yuki7 t-shirt from fleet street scandal.  Kevin Dart is pretty amazing and I’m so glad I finally set aside my crazy frugal ways and purchased it. Now I’ll go back to hoarding my money and living off ramen.

Finishing Touches


More Commissioned Work