The above is what I have been working on in  between commissions.  After getting several process questions on Deviantart and requests for a tutorial  I decided to make a half hearted attempt at it.

Tools I use:

  • h and b pencils.  I tend to use an h or hb if I plan on inking.
  • Staedler Mars White eraser
  • Faber-Castell Pitt Pens (Black ink)
  • Photoshop CS3

I start with doing a pencil drawing, for this particular piece I didn’t scan in my pencils so they’re not featured here.  Once I’m satisfied with the pencils I go back and ink over them.  In a perfect world  I would own my own light table and do the ink images on a fresh piece of paper.  Unfortunately perfect doesn’t exist at the moment so I usually ink directly over the pencils and erase my pencils lines afterward.

Once I’m happy with the inks I scan them into photoshop at a 300 dpi.  Once scanned I adjust my levels (image>Adjustments>levels).  I play around with them to get riding of any residue pencil marks and make my ink lines darker.  I will sometimes go in with a small brush and clean up unwanted lines manually if necessary.  Once I’m happy with my line art I copy it onto a new layer and set it to Multiply.  I then fill the background layer with white.

Now to start coloring.  I use a lot of layers when I color.  One layer will be skin another hair and another clothing.  This makes it easier to edit later if necessary.  At this point I get all my flat colors (second image) down.  This allows me to get an idea of what tones go well together and just makes sense and makes less work to do later.  After that I am pretty much working on putting in shadows and highlights.  In this image I set my brush at a lower flow (about 20 %) to blend a few different colors in the shadows.  I also laid down some textures.  Here is a very basic textures tutorial you can look at.


One response to “Progression

  1. Between the 2nd and 3rd drawing, the girls expression changed slightly. She looks more devious in the final. Is that a trick of the shadowing?

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