Princess Leia

On my break at work I got bored and decided to doodle.  I ended up drawing Princess Leia.

I first sketched leia with a red colored pencil and afterward I went in with some sharpies.  I ended up liking the drawing well enough that I scanned it into the computer. I then consulted photoshops channels to get rid of those pesky red lines.  I also fiddled with the levels a bit to get a cleaner look.

Now because I like it even more I thought I would slap down some colors.

I wasn’t completely satisfied at this point so I did some fiddling with hue and saturation in Photoshop.

I went back in an added some textures.


3 responses to “Princess Leia

  1. Nice! Yay for geeks

  2. Thanks for showing the progression. Love that!

  3. Yeah I totally enjoy seeing how your work progresses as well!

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