Teen Artprize

Usually while at work I’m busy with instructing people on the fine art of cutting & pasting, the wonders of email, and how to do a google search.  Being a clerk at the library computer desk really gives you an idea of  just how many people are still computer illiterate.  The past couple weeks, however, I’ve taken a break from my busy schedule of ‘What is the Internet?” and have been concocting a new teen library programto go in conjunction with Artprize.  Artprize is an International Art Competition that takes place in Grand Rapids, MI.  Anyone can enter Artprize for a fifty dollar registration fee, however then they have to acquire a venue in downtown GR willing to host their artwork.  This year my library decided to become a venue and I’m on the committee heading up the library’s Artprize events.  Since I’m also on the Teen programming committee I’ve  fallen into being in charge of organizing a Teen Artprize at the Library and an artist workshop  to go with it.  I love that I get to spearhead my own program, not to mention getting more artwork in the library, but man is it a lot of work.  I don’t think anyone realizes how much planning goes into event planning until you’re the one in charge.  I’ve done fifty million revisions of the program, trying to get everything right and its quite a challenge.   One big thing is trying to figure out how to present the show, because they library says I can’t put any holes in the wall.  Hopefully I will have everything solidified in the next couple of days.  I still have to meet with some people who’re going to help with the program, create a powerpoint presentation, and some more paperwork together. Once the promotional materials are made for the program I’ll make sure to post them here.   For now enjoy this doodle I did of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.


One response to “Teen Artprize

  1. I’m tired just hearing about all you have to do!

    You go girl!Nyuk–a little 90’s encouagement. I think in the long run, you will develkope some new skill sets that will be valuable to your career.

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