Sketch Theatre

In between my day job, working on designs for a friend’s wedding invitations, drawing up designs for a decorative chest of drawers, and creating a dummy for a children’s book I’m hoping not to get worn out on drawing.  In a search for inspiration to keep me motivated I stumbled upon Sketch Theatre, my new favorite website.  Sketch Theatre features a large variety of artists- childrens book illustrators, comic book artists, fine artists- doing sketches set to music of their choice.  The videos a sped up, only last roughly 3 minutes each, but its nice to see the process.  I love sketches more than most finished pieces, so finding this website was like dying and going to heaven.  Interviews are also posted on the site along with forums, where you can show your work, talk with other artists, and they have monthly sketching contests.  After watching several of the videos I of course had to sketch something out, so here’s a quick sketch done by yours truly (sorry I didn’t video tape the process).


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