B.F.A. Acquired

In the insanity of graduation week I’ve been neglecting this blog.  I figure its pretty understandable considering A) I had to hang my show B) Attend opening for said show C) had my BFA review, and D)  graduation ceremony.  Graduation is sort of a time suck.  E) I also have no internet at home and with everything going on I haven’t had much of a chance to go somewhere to get online.  I suppose I should recap the events of the past week, or my show and review at the very least.

My show was this last week  Tuesday (4-7) at the Old Federal Building in downtown Grand Rapids.  Not to brag but… oh who am I kidding I love to brag.  Alright that was a lie, but good for you if I caught where that is quoted from.  Seriously though the show ended up looking amazing.  Kendall’s graduating class this year is a pretty amazing bunch of students (myself and my roommate included). People were pouring in and few of us had the chance to take a break from everyone.  I had a couple people stop to talk, asking me about my work, and my business cards were over half gone when I went for my review the next day.

Speaking of my BFA review it went swimmingly.  I reviewed with Drawing Professors Patti Constantine and Gypsy Schindler and got really positive feedback.  Patti related to me that a group of students came in with their high school prior to my review and were very engaged with my work.  Apparently they were actually reading my artist statement (which almost never happens) and were debating which fairy tale was which, writing down the author names mentioned, and really wanted to go and read the fairy tales for themselves.  In between this and all the people who ran from the room (the blood was a little too much for some people) I achieved the reaction I was aiming for with my work.  I guess that’s a win for me.  If you live in the Grand Rapids area and didn’t get to see the show I’ll be entering one of my thesis pieces in Festival for the Arts and hopefully it’ll get it in (if it does I’ll post an announcement).

As for the ceremony…well it’s a Graduation ceremony, they’re pretty standard.  The big difference with graduating from art school is that you get multi-color ( the Primary colors) for your tassel and honors cords.  Also when we walked across stage a piece of our work was projected onto a large screen behind us.   My roommate has tons of pictures from the show and graduation so I’ll post some as soon as I get some from her, however here’s one from after the ceremony.

Deanna McCain, Me, Elise Silsby


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