Done! Well Almost…

I awoke bright and early this morning in order to be at the Old Federal Building by 10 am in order to hang my show.  My six pieces are now framed and hung up for the show.   I was hanging my pieces from about 10 am until 3:00- with a short lunch break in between.  My labels and artist statement are supposed to be ready tomorrow so I’ll be back there at 10 again to put those up and give my glass a quick cleaning.  I will most likely help my roommate hang up her fifty million photographs too! (okay so its not fifty million, but there are quite a few of them).

Any way only a few days left before the big opening (the show’s opening reception is May 4th at 4 pm).  The show will be up until May 8th and then we have to do take down on the 10th.  It’s a crazy, busy life. Soon I’ll have time again to do more than sketches. *fingers crossed*


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