Pretty Things to Make Me Happy

There is nothing quite like coming into work and having someone be a total jerk to you within the first hour of your shift.  It just kind of ruins  the whole work day for me.  In an attempt to salvage myself from my newly soured mood, I started looking at pretty things that I wish to own.   Like the following…

Tweak Boutique’s Hoot collection are just bloody adorable.  I want a a couple of pairs for myself.  Unfortunately, my ears didn’t take well to being pierced, so I can only wear clip-ons (boo!).  I emailed tweak and they said they would order the right supplies to make clip-on versions and would email me when they could be available.  Hopefully one day they’ll be mine!

To your left you’ll see the gorgeous dress I just ordered from Urban Outfitters.  Usually I find nothing at Urban Outfitters because its all just too ‘Hip’ for me.  This pretty kimchi Blue Printed Navajo dress is the exception.  I’m crossing my fingers that A) it’ll fit B) Look good on me , and finally C) show up in time for me to wear to my Thesis show opening next week!

You know what also makes me happy?  The fact that after tomorrow I don’t have to work for an entire week.  What’s more I’ll be getting paid to not be there- woo hoo vacation time!  I’ll be hanging my show this Wednesday, but after that I can putz around to my hearts content.   Most likely I’ll do a few doodles like the ones below.


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