Slightly Panicked, but also Inordinately Excited

After an arduous day of framing three of my drawings for my thesis show I was overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment.  The pieces look great framed and I feel the excitement building as Graduation nears closer and closer.  I also found out that I, along with some faculty and fellow drawing majors, are going to be having lunch with our visiting artist, Ethan Murrow.  Murrow’s drawings are currently showing in Kendall’s Gallery and I’ve been drooling over them for several years now-seeing them in person has been a real treat.   Hence you must imagine my overwhelming joy when I was informed that I, along with a few fellow drawing majors and faculty, will be having lunch with  him this Thursday at San Chez.

I’m also slightly panicked about this lunch.  I fear I’m going to end up not speaking at all, embarrassed about being in the presence of an artist I so admire.  There is a good chance I’ll be so intimidated I’ll have no idea what kind of questions to ask him- I would like to not do an impression of a very life like statue.  I’ve started trying to come up with questions I could ask, but I’m having trouble.  I supposed I could always go with ‘How much has your worked changed since your undergrad degree?”, but it seems a bit forced.  I’m hoping someone can bring up a question to start a discussion- I do well with participating in discussions, much better than interviewing people.  Fingers crossed that I don’t end up looking like an idiot.  At the very least San Chez is supposed to have excellent food- hopefully I won’t be too nervous to eat.


One response to “Slightly Panicked, but also Inordinately Excited

  1. Let the man eat. That’s the first consideration. I know how these things go and I am always left hungry or trying to answer a question with a full mouth.

    Second, someone will ultimately hog the spotlight. You won’t be THAT person, but believe me, he will be annoyed by THAT person. Sometimes it is better to listen than ask. If you cannot come up with a good question, it is always appropriate to ask something casual, like, Do you have any pets? Or How was your flight?

    Just relax and be your lovely self.

    Also, big excitement about framing your pieces! Can’t wait to see them!!

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